Renewal Face Facial Cleansing with the Hydrogen Power H2o2 suitable for all types skin.

Carboxytherapy Julié

Carboxytherapy is medical therapy of extremely broad spectrum of use. It involves intradermal or subdermal administration of CO2 using thick needles.


AQUASHINE BTX is our new revolutionary product in Posh. But what is this product and what is it for? 🙎 Alternativ for Botox


Let me introduce you me and my little world. The world of passion and love to woman’s beauty. When years ago was starting my journey in Beauty industry, the clients happiness and satisfaction was the most important and lead me to the place I am now- to Posh Aesthetic Clinic & Academy located in Dublin - Celbridge. The very first steps I made in Beauty world was nails, lashes, then after attending Microblading training the love to brows began. The transformations on my clients, the beautiful frames from new eyebrows made me go step further- for the training in Permanent Make up- including Permanent Lips, Permanent Eyeliner and of course my favorite Permanent Brows. After scores of trainings with amazing worldwide trainers I kept developing and improving my skills, like Powder brows, ombre brows, aquarelle lips or shaded eyeliner.

In 2018 my love and passion to powder brows was rewarded by winning the first two prizes in national Championship in Ireland. Not only Jury but as well other participants considered my work to be first place winning.

While creating new brows, lips, eyeliner I see the happiness in my clients eyes. It encouraged me to do more for them and take care of their skins. This was always the matter I was very interested in.

Now I am fully certified beauty therapist, graduated with most recognisable Skincare diplomas from Itec and Cibtac. The list of provided treatments is still developing - deal fillers, lips enhancement, needle mesotherapy, microneedling, carboxytherapy etc. This is still being updated, because the results we are achieving encourages me to do more, to learn more and to provide my clients more. The quality, the effects and safety -these are the most important rul;rules we are always aware of.

In 2018, another big dream came true, I not only received entitlements to train people in Permanent MAke up, but what is more my academy received fully accreditation of the trainings. My individual technique of creating brows lead me to be the founder of Satin Brows technique, which with proud and happiness I am showing to my students during not only Masterclass trainings but Basic trainings as well.

Please be aware that my passion for creating the beauty has such impact on my future that will for sure make me keep developing.
So please, would you mind to stay updated with what new is coming?