Bring your lips to NEXT LEVEL !

Semi-permanent Lips, Aquarelle Lips is a type of semi-permanent makeup where your new lip shape is filled with the chosen colour, sometimes leaving a slight “aquarelle” effect.

no. of treatments
180 mins
4-6 weeks
This semi-permanent lip treatment allows for newly created lips to look more glamorous.

Your semi-permanent makeup artist will choose the best colour to suit your face and will recommend improvements in shape. She will consult with you throughout the procedure to ensure you are receiving exactly the lips you’ve come for.

On the day our PMU master will discuss the shape and colour of your new lips with you, and demonstrate you how they will look on your face. Your “before” picture will be taken.
After your procedure you will be given an after-care advise sheet and kit
Your next appointment for the free touch up will be booked in 4-6 weeks time.
The touch up is free but is an essential part of the semi-permanent lip procedure.
Please kindly note in case you miss the touch up appointment we can not be responsible for any imperfections of your new lips. Please kindly note in case you miss the touch up appointment we will be able to book a new one for an extra booking fee of €50

Semi-permanent Lips, Aquarelle Lips normally last for approximately 1.5 years depending on health and lifestyle. There is an option to keep them almost permanently by doing a colour boost every 12 months or so. Please contact us to book your colour boost appointment. Please kindly note we can only offer colour boost to Posh clients.

You’re given a special pre-procedure advise sheet to ensure you come fully ready for your new lips on the day.
Full colour /aquarelle/ombre300 €
Touch up to 3 months50 €
Touch up to 3-6 months70 €
Touch up to 6-12 months100-150 €
Touch up to 12-24 months200 €
Top up -changing method/shape250-300 €